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From St. Paul to Niagara Falls

We left St. Paul the morning of Sept 8, taking the train (Amtrak) from St. Paul to Chicago. From Chicago, we took an over-night train to Buffalo, NY where a limo picked us up and took us to Niagara Falls - in Canada. Our limo was a cadillac - not a stretch limo, just your old-fashioned black cadillac.

The driver, Don, was a great guy. We had a great conversation on the way to Niagara Falls - about hockey. He had coached Brian Bellows when he as bantum and Brian used to give him tickets to the North Stars games when they played Buffalo. Don had some great stories!!

When we got to Niagara Falls and went up to our hotel room, all we could really see was spray and mist rolling up off the Falls! As the afternoon passed we could see parts of the Falls as the mist cleared with the shifting wind. We went out for a closer out and took an "incline railroad" down to the shoreline - this "railroad" was really a cable on which two sets of benches arranged in stepped rows (like theatre seating) washoisted up and down a very steep bluff to the area where the Canadian horsehoe falls were.

We walked around the edge of the Falls, then went to the Casino (no winnings to report but it was really great people-watching) and then ate dinner at a resturant with an outdoor deck - which faced the Falls of course. That night, the Falls were lit with gradually changing colored lights - sounds tacky, but it was really hard to stop watching!

Here are a couple photos of Niagara Falls, including a photo taken from our hotel window.  It is the falls on the American side - the Canadian falls was completely misted over at the time.

Niagara Falls Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls from our hotel roomNiagara Falls from our hotel room