Paula Biever's Conglomeration

Dad's Items

This section will contain photos of Dad's knick-knacks. If Dad wants to keep any of these items I'll move them to a different category. Let me know what items you gave to Dad so I have that information. If Dad doesn't have a place for it any more, it would be nice if you would take ownership of it and decide what to do with it.

I am going to be getting a digital picture frame for Dad and will be loading up family photos and photos of items I'd like Dad to review. If you know the history of an item pictured here, please let me know so I can transfer that info when I set up the digital picture frame library.

birchwood_bird_295Birchwood Bird - Box 1

birds_on_driftwood_266Birds on Driftwood - Box 1

quail_238Quail - Box 1

coveredwagon_375Covered Wagon - Box 2 - Dad has this now.

woodindianstein_269Wooden stein with painted Indian - Dad has this now. 


cannon_404Metal cannon - Dad has this now.

paulbabe_342Paul Bunyan & Babe salt & pepper shakers - Dad has this now.


pale_green_elephant_345_01Pale Green Elephant - Dad's Box 3

brass_mickey_296Brass Mickey - Dad's Box 3

seagull_on_post_299Seagull on Post - Dad's Box 3

tiny_elephant_264Tiny Elephant - Dad's Box 3

wood_elephant_277Small Wood Elephant - Dad's Box 3

woodgamejpg_258Wooden Game - Dad's Box 3